Why Four Seasons

Significant Features

Preventing damage that can occur through the failure of a gutter system is a significant challenge for any company to address. Four Seasons identified very early on, that utilising a product that was not purpose designed as a gutter guard system was never going to work.

As such, Four Seasons researched, sought out experts in technical design, and engaged chemical engineers to assist in the design of its gutter protection products. Since designing the initial mesh, Four Seasons have worked tirelessly to ensure our products have improved. Four Seasons has had over 14 years working in a challenging environment where customers have three primary reasons for needing Gutter Protection…

Stopping leaves entering the gutter system

Ensuring 100% water collection through the gutter guard system and into the gutters

Eliminating the build up of dust and dirt in the gutter system.

Four Seasons designed the Continuous Control Flow Mesh with the primary purpose being to fully address all of the three factors that prompt home owners to seek a gutter protection system. Since introducing the unique flow control design, Four Seasons have further developed and continued to improve the mesh. This design has proven to be so unique and advanced that in 2007 Four Seasons received an award for Design and Innovation. NO other company in our industry has ever been acknowledged for such an achievement.

Four Seasons formed an exclusive alignment with Global Mesh Services, a company solely focused on designing and manufacturing superior and cost effective gutter protection systems.

Global Mesh has further perfected the original designs; achieving higher levels of performance by ensuring individual strands within the mesh elevate leaf debris sufficiently enough to ensure water can travel under the leaf debris and into the gutters.

Gutter Protection Systems

Four Seasons has continued to develop its own unique Gutter Protection systems from the day the company was formed. To do this, we identified the primary reasons for which our clients wanted an advanced gutter protection system.


Ease Of Installation

Life Of The Product


Guarantee The System Worked

Peace Of Mind

Our clients will be guaranteed IN WRITING on completion of each installation that these issues have been addressed.



Most systems can prevent leaf debris building up in the gutters but what’s important is what happens with it?

Four Seasons unique systems are designed to ensure leaf debris does not build up by allowing a positive slope in line with the roof. By fitting to the lower part of the roof, either under the second tile or fitted with roof clips ensures leaf debris is screened away from the gutters and can slide off the roof onto the ground.



The primary purpose of gutters is to ensure rainwater is captured through the gutter system and removed from the home. The Four Seasons Gutter Protection system is guaranteed to collect 100% of the water.



The Four Seasons Continuous Control Flow Mesh is designed to work within the heaviest of rain. In fact, the heavier the better. The more rain that comes through into the gutter system, the better in removing the dust and dirt that can settle in the bottom of your gutters.

The ability of the Flow Control mesh to capture water is so significant it has to be seen to be believed. Ask your consultant to demonstrate this to you, you will be amazed!